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The impetus behind the On Addressability initiative is…

“to strengthen the already exceptional medium of TV.
If we do this, we all win—above all, the marketer.”

- Marcien Jenckes, President, Advertising, Comcast Cable

TV Is at a Crossroads

It remains the most compelling advertising platform to reach audiences, and its quality and engagement with viewers is unparalleled.

At the same time, however, data has changed the way marketers use media. Historically, television has lagged behind digital media in these areas. This must change. Despite its resiliency as an advertising medium, television must embrace data, targeting, measurement and attribution as fundamental capabilities in order to ensure its continued growth and relevancy to marketers.


of Advertisers agree that enabling greater Addressability is very important to the future of TV advertising.1

Top 3 Challenges Surrounding Addressable TV1


Which Factors Might Influence You to Buy More Addresssable TV Advertising?1


Advertisers Believe in the Power of Addressable TV

1 out of 10

Advertisers are Very Likely to use
Addressable TV over the next 12 months.2

8 out of 10

Advertisers are Interested in using
Addressable TV over the next 12 months.3

Be Part of TV’s Addressable Future

By next year, advertisers will allocate 40% of their total TV budgets to audience-based TV. 4

The Seven Steps to Executing an Addressable TV Campaign

Seven Steps to Executing an Addressable TV Campaign

STEP ONE Pitching

Step one includes establishing best practices internally and performing test runs before the pitch, then fully understanding a client’s objectives before running any campaign.

Prepare the RFP using a standardized form showing all required information.

STEP TWO Audience Creation

Step two is building a target segment based on third-party, or an advertiser’s first-party data, and ensuring that all of your technology partners are in sync.

TIP: Once you build it, soak it: Ingesting audiences into your ad server and observing patterns allows for better forecasting.

STEP THREE Pricing & Inventory Forecasting

Create a plan to hit your client’s desired outcomes.

Return the RFP to the client; client (hopefully) goes to order.

STEP FOUR Campaign Setup

If the campaign goes to order, complete a readiness check list and prepare to execute.

The order is approved in the system.

STEP FIVE Activation

It’s go time. After a final check with the planning team to understand any constraints, the operations team activates the order.

Let client know their order is processed and active.

STEP SIX Monitoring & Optimization

Test, learn and repeat. Campaign performance is monitored and frequent reports given to the client.

TIP: Continuous communication with client eliminates end-of-campaign surprises.

STEP SEVEN Transparency & Effectiveness

Report deliverables agreed upon with client may include ad completion rate, frequency, impressions, and unique households reached.

Send report to client.