Core Objectives


We are enabling TV distributors to come together to offer advertisers a standardized and unified platform that makes buying and optimizing media campaigns easy.


By working across the industry, we are delivering the large, relevant audiences, across all devices, marketers need to make an impact and deliver bottom line results.


With insights from household-level data, we are enabling new targeting and measurement capabilities so advertisers can target and track campaign performance accurately.

Key Initiatives


Go Addressable

Go Addressable is an industry initiative designed to accelerate efforts to deliver scaled, addressable TV capabilities for advertisers. As a launch participant, Comcast Advertising—along with several other major TV distributors and brands—will help to achieve this through industry education, advocacy and enablement.


Agency Leadership Council (ALC)

The ALC connects senior executives across the major and independent agencies to proactively support the interests of advertising agencies, and publish insights and research that advance the industry.



Now more than ever, the use of quality data is essential to drive business results. That’s why we’ve created the Blockgraph platform to protect consumers’ data while optimizing opportunities for advertisers.

Our Brands

Effectv is the advertising sales division of Comcast Advertising that helps local, regional, and national advertisers connect with their audiences on every screen by using advanced data to drive targeting and measurement of their campaigns.

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FreeWheel offers advertising management solutions for the entire TV ecosystem, including digital and linear, enabling agency, media, and entertainment clients to manage and maximize value from their TV and premium video media.

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AudienceXpress delivers multiscreen TV advertising, using data insights and leveraging a total reach of more than 300 million viewers nationwide to find the right target audiences across cable, broadcast, and streaming content.

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Introducing The 2022 Comcast Advertising Report

New Report from Comcast Advertising Finds Optimal Balance for TV and Streaming Advertising, Including Significant Portion Dedicated to Streaming

Comcast Advertising Relaunches its AudienceXpress Brand

The new AudienceXpress is created for the unique needs of today’s television advertisers, rooted in automation, data-driven insights and premium inventory.

Announcing Deal with VideoAmp to Accelerate Cross-Platform Measurement

Deal will integrate Comcast data into VideoAmp’s cross-platform measurement solution to cultivate measurement innovation and new currency options.

Tracey Kopper-Hourin to Lead Global HR and Customer Experience

Kopper-Hourin will spearhead culture and talent programs that foster diversity and inclusion in addition to overseeing customer and employee experience.

Our Insights

The Comcast Advertising Report

Introducing The Comcast Advertising Report

Get the latest insights, data and predictions to help you succeed in TV advertising’s complex ecosystem.

Get The Latest Streaming Insights

Get The Latest Streaming Insights

In a report by Comcast Advertising's Agency Leadership Council, learn about streaming's role in a comprehensive video advertising strategy.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in Real Life

Read a MediaVillage column written by Marcien Jenckes, President, Comcast Advertising. In it, he suggests one of the considerations to foster and grow diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) should be to create a sense of belonging for all.

Webinar: The Evolving TV Landscape in 2021

Comcast Advertising leaders discuss insights for campaign planning purposes from the latest data provided in FreeWheel's Video Marketplace Report and Effectv’s TV Viewership Report. Both feature data from 1H 2021.

Watch the Culture Conversations Webcast Episode 6 Replay

Hosted by Comcast Advertising Brand VP, Paul Martecchini, this episode explores sustainable solutions for how organizations can genuinely show Pride and support the LGBTQ+ community all year long.